15 December 2012

Getting Heavier

Hello, December. 
Already December, yes, again. I am quite glad to be met up with this month. 

Seems like the time is running too fast. The end of 2012 is getting approached. Everything turns out to be so damn different. I always order myself to be dilligent, to manage things well, and to set my life up. But the fact is that I always find myself sitting all alone, getting stuck and not doing anything with a lot of matters ruining my head in the other side. 

So bloody hell. My head is getting heavier right now, to be honest. Seriously I hope the time can be stopped. At least, I can be calm and understand what I really need to reach the sun and all planets. The worst part is that I cant even help myself. That's irritating. Such a cruelty of the world which is getting colder.   

I call December as the month of mine. Well hopefully, may December this time be the real mine. 

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